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Starting July 1, 2024, please use the new Consulate district map to submit the COVA form to the correct consulate accordingly.
Please ensure that the information on the COVA form exactly matches the information on your passport. A common error is missing the middle name in the given name section.
Please sign both the COVA confirmation page and section 9.1A. It's important to note that a common mistake is signing 9.2E instead of 9.1A, as 9.2E is designated for proxies (parents of those under 18, etc.) only.
Please make sure that your photo follows the specified requirement.


Phone: (510)516-2518 (Mon-Sat 2PM-8PM PST)

Mailing address:
43575 Mission Blvd. #518
Fremont, CA 94539

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Please check your document against this 2023 documents list. 旧金山领馆2023 文件清单

2024 special:
2024 Tourist (L) visa Simplified Document list

点击查看2024 Q2探亲签证申请材料。如果邀请人是中国公民,必须提供邀请人的身份证复印件和邀请函,邀请函请全部打印或是全部手写,中国地址必须写中文,领馆有可能会要求提供关系证明文件。

General sample invitation letter邀请信.

Sample invitation letter for Q2 & S2 visa/邀请信模板.


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The San Francisco Chinese Consulate and our offices are closed on:
12/29/2023 ~ 01/03/2024
02/12/2024 ~ 02/14/2024
04/01/2024 ~ 04/05/2024
05/01/2024 ~ 05/03/2024
10/01/2024 ~ 10/04/2024
11/28/2024 ~ 11/29/2024

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