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Please check your document against this document check list before you send document to us. Here's 22 tips on how to fill out form V2013.




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Sample invitation letter for Q2 & S2 visa.

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Chinese Visa Application Forms

Please fill out 2013 Chinese Visa Application Form ( Form V. 2013 ) (Resident of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Southern California, Texas, and Pacific Islands must use Los Angeles & Houston version. 阿拉巴马,亚利桑那,阿肯色, 佛罗里达, 乔治亚, 夏威夷,路易斯安那,密西西比, 新墨西哥,俄克拉荷马, 南加州,德克萨斯,太平洋诸岛的居民,请使用 洛杉矶和休斯顿领馆专用表格, one for each visa applicant, you could use Google Chrome browser to open and edit it online, then print it out.

Since the form is designed under Letter size paper not A4 size paper, you might need to adjust your printer when you print it out.

Please make sure your form was printed completely. If you missing any information on the form, you could correct it by hand-writing.

Tips for filling out visa application form V2013:

  1. Section 1.1: Please make sure your name is typed in exactly as listed in your passport. Please note: enter "Last Name" first. If the name is new in this passport, need a copy of court record; or marriage certificate.
    请按照您护照上的名字进行填写。请注意先填姓(Last Name)。改名字要有法庭记录或结婚证。

  2. Section 1.2: if you were born in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau, please write down your Chinese name (in Chinese Character) here.

  3. Section 1.7: This is a required question. Don't leave it blank. Enter "N/A" if you don't have any former nationality. If you were born in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau, please write down only "China" here.

  4. Section 1.9: Please write down your Driver's License here. Or write down passport number for kid. It's a required question.

  5. Section 1.13: Please write down "USA" if you hold American passport. Other passport, please write down exactly the one listed on your passport.

  6. Section 1.15: If you choose "Self-employed" here, please specify what kind of your jobs in Other, like Realtor, Consultant etc. For kids under school age, you could write down "Kid" after "Other".

  7. Section 1.17: Unless you choose "Unemployed" or "Retired" in section 1.15 or kids under school age, you must fill this section completely. Even if you choose "Self-employed" in section 1.15, you need to enter your home address here. Please note: you must enter completely school information even the applicant is in Elementary school.

  8. Section 1.20: This is a required question. If the applicant is kid, please enter the parents' phone number here.

  9. Section 1.23: This is a required question, please enter at least one person's information here. If the applicant is married, must enter the spouse's information here. Even the family member is not in USA, you could also enter here.

  10. Section 1.24: This is a required question. 此栏必须填写。

  11. Section 1.25: Please write down "USA" here. 请在此填写USA"。

  12. Section 2.1: It's easiest to check only one. The more checked, the more complicated it may be. Don't mix up Tourist and Business, if you only provide airline ticket as supporting document, don't choose "Business & Trade" nor "Non-business visit" unless you have invitation letter from China.

  13. Section 2.2: To apply for 10 years visa, please choose "Other" and write down "10 years visa". Please check our FAQ for the qualification of 10 years visa.
    申请十年签证请选择“其他”并注明"10 years visa"。是否够资格申请十年签证,请参考我们的常见问题

  14. Section 2.5: Maximum 60 days. 90 days for Chinese descent. 120 days for Q2 visa. (if not born in China, need copy of Birth Certificate to show Chinese descent for Q2 visa and 90 days L visa)180 days only for single entry visa.

  15. Section 2.6: This is a required question, please enter dates and detail address of places you will stay in China.

  16. Section 2.7: This is a required question. For children under age 18, please enter "parents".

  17. Section 2.8: Only if you apply for Q2/F/M/Z/X visa, please complete this section with the information on the invitation letter.
    只有申请 Q2/F/M/Z/X 签证时需要将邀请函上的信息在此填写完整。

  18. Section 2.9: This is a required question. Don't leave it blank. Enter "No" or "Yes" and specify as yyyy-m-d and place.

  19. Section 2.10: This is a required question. Don't leave it blank. Enter "No" or "Yes" and list all the countries or territories (except mainland China).

  20. Section 3.8: Please leave it blank. This is only apply for Pakistan or Bangladesh passport holder which have endorsement of children on their mother's passport.

  21. Section 4: This is a required question. Don't leave it blank. The parents or guardian shall sign on behalf of a minor under age 18. Please sign parent or guardian's name.

  22. Section 5: If the visa applicant is under age 18, the parents or guardian must complete this section and sign it.


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