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Please check your document against this 2023 documents list. 旧金山领馆2023 文件清单

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2024 Tourist (L) visa Simplified Document list

点击查看2024 Q2探亲签证申请材料。如果邀请人是中国公民,必须提供邀请人的身份证复印件和邀请函,邀请函请全部打印或是全部手写,中国地址必须写中文,领馆有可能会要求提供关系证明文件。

General sample invitation letter邀请信.

Sample invitation letter for Q2 & S2 visa/邀请信模板.


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Customer Testimonial of FreeChinaVisa Service

"I just wanted send a quick note to thank you for your OUTSTANDING service!!.. I was very impressed with your prompt and professional service!

The visa application process took less than 2 weeks. I especially like that I was able to check status of the application anytime on your website.

I have family members in Florida and New York that are having to wait over a month with their visa service providers. They said they wish they could use your service.

I am recommending your service on Tripadvisor, Facebook and Twitter. Again, thank you so much!!!"
-Mauricio, Las Vegas NV

"Visa service from FreeChinaVisa is great. They are helpful, efficient, and also offer a very good price. Second time I've used them, and I'll certainly use them again!"
-Fred, author of "Getting Around in China", Waldron WA

"Getting a visa through Free China Visa was a breeze. Their online instructions were very clear, and they processed my request very quickly. The tracking number was a great way for me to track my order and make sure I was going to get the visa delivered on time."
-John, Seattle WA

"After losing my passport while planning my China trip, I was in a bind as to how I was going to get a tourist visa in time for my flight to Shanghai. My friend suggested getting help from FreeChinaVisa, and I was very impressed by their efficiency."
-Edna, Eureka CA

"With so many visa service providers, it is hard to know which one to trust with something an important as a visa application, especially when applying over the internet. I felt safe getting help from Free China Visa, who helped me to find a legitimate service."
-Larry, San Francisco CA

"When I applied for my tourist visa to China, the rules for applying kept changing due to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Free China Visa helped me to understand these changes and I was able to apply with all the necessary materials with no missteps or reapplying."
-Marie, Reno NV

"My wife and I had planned our China trip as a vacation, so why make getting a visa for the trip into a stressful headache? Free China Visa was able to help us handle our application smoothly with minimal paperwork involved, and we were ready to go!"
-Tim, Eugene OR

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